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The biggest change over the past few years is social networking,” said Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. “Today, organizations want to connect their people, their applications, their processes and their customers. Oracle Social Network provides that; all the tools are integrated and employees can work from anywhere in the world with the devices best suited to their job.
What makes a Live Virtual Class compelling?

I’ve just been asked to develop a Live Virtual Class that I will deliver to employees at my place of work. I’m curious to hear people’s thoughts on what they think helps make a Live Virtual Class compelling and interesting?

I don’t want to create a class in which people are just listening to me reading off a set of PowerPoint slides. I want to make it interactive as possible. I’m not so much interested in specific content ideas, rather delivery styles and suggestions on how to structure the class.

Any input is very much appreciated.

Francis Ford Coppola on Film Preservation and Technology


Desk shuffle experiment: Does daylight improve creativity?


Desk shuffle experiment: Does daylight improve creativity?

If you are having issues convincing anyone about the role that Social Media will play in the future workplace, I highly recommend that you point them to this 13 minute video “Social Media @ Work”. A compelling insight into how Social Media is already driving change within many workplaces.

The standout quote for me is at approximately the 12 minute work where the interviewee says "by 2013 we will not have email in this organisation anymore, we will be doing everything on Social Networks"

The worst miss in Football, ever caught on camera. This is up there with the worst I’ve seen.

Social Media & Gamification.  This is a brilliant online campaign blending Social Media, with the increasingly important Gamification.  The success of this campaign is another reason why I think Gamification is going to be huge.

Man Utd Cup Final Video

Cool United Fan Promo video for the Champions League Final 2011

Getting some help to cut the grass.